[Release] Hinekure Chaser Chapter 5

Manga: Hinekure Chaser

By: Panco.

Chapter: 5

Joint with: JustBLThings

Sorry this one took so long! I’d like to say that we just love to tease but you know how much we also like to complain about not having enough staff (like Jap>Eng translators!).

So, here’s the last main chapter of the first volume! After that there’s still the extra chapter, special papers which were available in various book shops when buying a copy there, and sensei’s pixiv countdown to Motto! Hinekure Chaser (which is the continuation of Hinekure Chaser), so please look forward to much more to come 😀


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Support the author and buy this online: CDJapan | Yesasia


23 thoughts on “[Release] Hinekure Chaser Chapter 5

  1. YESSSS! Thanks so much for the release to both groups! I’ve been heavily anticipating the conclusion to this arc and have probably looked through the raws more times then I should publicly admit…Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to the rest 😀


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