[Announcement] Shinshokan titles removed

Hey everyone!


We recently got an email from Shinshokan Publishing and have therefore deleted our posts regarding the following releases:

“Jackass” and “Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki” by Scarlet Beriko and

“Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku” by Monchi Kaori


We’re sad but at least this probably means that Jackass might get a tankobon soon 😀


So long o/


35 thoughts on “[Announcement] Shinshokan titles removed

    1. since renta is already publishing minori and yondaime as ebooks in english, i think it’s very likely that jackass will also be translated by them, since it’s quite poular!

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  1. Bummer…
    Well… they didn’t “find you”, somebody reported you.
    Some people are petty hypocrites…

    I really like Yondaime and will gladly buy it if it ever get licensed in English and published in print; however, I won’t pay for “renting” the title.
    If I pay I “take it” with me.
    Simple as that.

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    1. I agree on both accounts. Based on some comments in the last release, I’m not surprised if some POS snitch went and told on you guys (I apologize for the language, but man I’m kind of angry that I might not be able to ever finish Jackass!).

      I think there’s an option to have unlimited access to a title, but it’s still a bit pricey, especially if it’s not complete. I’ve only “rented” one title, though it’s usually against my principles to pay for reading content that I can’t own or re-read again. I’m not sure if I really care for their business model plus they’re slow with releases. I’d prefer they do the whole volume and let me pay at one go instead of milking each chapter at a snail’s pace.


  2. Oh Noooo 😦 😦
    This makes me feel so sad :(( TT___TT
    It’s too bad that you can’t continue to translate these amazing series… I’m so upset right now but I know it can’t be help…
    Anw, thank you so much for your hard work and let’s try to look at the bright side, this means that you can pick up new projects to scanlate now 🙂


  3. Does that mean it can’t be found on manga sites and that it will take a while to get published in English. The whole concept is confusing.


  4. Well.. This certainly sucks :/ was really looking forward to the next chapter of Jackass. It’ll probably get lost in the abyss to never be seen from again after this sighs.


  5. owh…sucks, i just recently know your group because of yondaime but i do understand how complicated it was when the publisher take legal action. now i hv to rely on my fragmented japanese xD ( i know they hv english ebook already but still can’t beat the real copy 😀 yea…kinda stubborn here ) and thanks for the scanlations of yondaime so far


  6. Man, what disappointing news. I was really getting into Jackass! after seeing the raws. I’m sorry this happened to you guys and that you had to remove all your work. I know there’s obviously workarounds, but still, you guys were obviously enthusiastic about both projects, and I enjoyed that aspect too!

    Now we can only hope that they do eventually translate Jackass! or readers will never have the opportunity to know what happened at the end.

    Many thanks to your group for having given us what you could of Scarlet Beriko’s works. I’ll still continue to support your other works!


  7. thank you for the update! Sad I notice that other scan groups has been told the same thing….. hope everything will be alright!


    1. Hi! Of course we do 83 but the stories aren’t THAT good, so since we’re super slow, we’re focusing on the later works instead!


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