[Release] Mother’s Spirit Chapter 3

MangaMother’s Spirit

By: Enzou

Chapter: 3

Joint with: Ikemen Scans & Yaoi Desire Revolution

Hello friends, we’re back with a quite unexpected release!

Since Ikemen Scans beat us to the first two chapters of Mother’s Spirit, we’ve joined forces and are now releasing this manga together as a group of 3 groups(? lmao) consisting of Ikemen Scans, Yaoi Desire Revolution and us!

The plan is to release one chapter every week from now on, let’s hope we’ll be able to stick with that schedule 😀

Please have the download links here:

[ Drive ][ Zippyshare ]

(No Mega or PDF this time due to time issues, sorry!

Support the author and buy this online: CDJapan | Amazon


13 thoughts on “[Release] Mother’s Spirit Chapter 3

  1. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for the collaborative effort in bringing us a chapter every week! We are all so grateful for everyone’s dedication in bringing us this wonderful project 😀


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