[Release] Hinekure Chaser Chapter 5.5

Manga: Hinekure Chaser

By: Panco.

Chapter: 5.5

Joint with: JustBLThings


With this the first volume of Hinekure Chaser is finally complete! “First volume” you say? Yes, first volume! There will be at least two more volumes titled “Motto! Hinekure Chaser” and two doujinshi, please look forward to those as well 😀


[ PDF ][ Drive ]

Support the author and buy this online: CDJapan | Yesasia


16 thoughts on “[Release] Hinekure Chaser Chapter 5.5

  1. More volumes?!! That’ll be amazing. I really loved this first volume. I hope they focus on the same couple! Also will you be adding a MEGA link?
    Thank you very much for your hard work!!


    1. Yep, there won’t be another couple 😀
      Didn’t have time for a mega link last night but will upload it today if i find the time!


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