Before asking for a joint project: Please notice and understand that we’re really busy and probably can’t stick to any schedules!

Current projects:

Hinekure Chaser Series (Panco.) [joint with JustBLThings]


Upcoming projects:

[Novel] Yesterday wo Kazoete (Author: Aya Chiharu, Artist: Kurosawa Kaname)

Yuusha Uke BL Anthology (Panco. and others)

5-nin no Ou (Author: Eniwa, Artist: Epo)

Higasa-chan (Techno Samata)

Yankee-kun wa Seito Kaichou no Otona no Omocha (Rin Teku)

Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko (Honma Akira, partly rescanlation)

Kimi ni Koi suru High Heel (Shiota Ryou & Saito Ataru) [joint with Bunny Scanlations]

Sokubakukei Kareshi (Itsuki Makoto)

Otomegokoro ni Koigokoro (Yukue Moegi) [joint with Bunny Scanlations]

Bokura no Saidai Kouyakusu (Kashima Chiaki) [joint with Jelly Bean Scans]

Sefure no Heart no Tsukamikata (Yodogawa Yuo)

Kataomoi Love Game (Yodogawa Yuo)

Henkutsu na Yankee-kun wo Hottokenai (Yodogawa Yuo) [joint with Jelly Bean Scans]

Satori-kun to Tsundere-kun (Yodogawa Yuo) [joint with Jelly Bean Scans]

Completed projects:

Ueta Nezumi to Fukigen na Neko – HQ!! KageHina dj (Bubun Hanten)

Caramel Panic – HQ!! KageHina dj (Bubun Hanten)

Mother’s Spirit (Enzou) [joint with Yaoi Desire Revolution and Ikemen Scans]

Links to baka pages will be added when the sites are available


57 thoughts on “Project Overview

  1. Hi! I was wondering if it’d be possible for you to name your pages like Title_v01_ch01_p01 or just c01_p01 or any way you’d prefer (there are a lot of variations out there;;;) I put all files for a volume in one folder and end up spending a lot of time renaming stuff so they don’t overwrite each other *__*;; Thanks for considering it >w<;;


  2. sry I just have to cry myself to sleep over your future projects list
    All that Amagakure Gido
    Miike Romuco
    I’ve been waiting and crying for the rest of that for literally forever (literally, since before it was even written)
    I eventually broke down and hobbled my way through some Spanish scanlations + google translate
    Plus the fact that the last bit is probably the best bit in the entire story (or rather, makes it awesomex2…)
    OK sorry thank you


  3. Hi hello again, I just saw Fujoshi Bitches added Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki to their future projects list as well :’D I don’t know if this would affect your plans or not, but I thought I should tell you;;; If you already know this, forgive my intrusion


    1. Hi! New staff is always welcome 😀 we’ve already started working on yondaime, but if you want you can take on a couple of the later chapters? Shoot us an email! Sals(dot)scans(at)gmail(dot)com!


  4. Hi, I love the picks you chose to translate! They’re awesome!!!!
    Also I was wondering if Minori no Te is also going to be on your lovely list (not sure about the spelling), it’s the prequel to Yondaime!
    Again, I thank you guys for bringing sexy back!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks 😀 we’re really careful about our picks! We only choose the highest quality stuff 83

      We won’t do Minori no Te since it’s already in part translated and Fujoshi Bitches plans to release it as well! (It’s not as good as yondaime tho, in my honest opinion ;3)


  5. thank you for all the hard work that you do! i’m really looking forward to more by amagakure gido & the continuation of kashima chiaki’s the greatest common denominator 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I like the fact that you have this on your future projects!! “Anata no Moeru Te de (Abe Akane)”. i love her style, her stories, the fluff, the sex scenes, everything… many many thanks!!


  7. Hello,

    I was wondering if you would translate zeroshikis latest works: primal target and judas kiss. If you need scabs please let me know.

    Thank you


    1. Hi! Baka Dumb Aho Scans is working on Judas Kiss and I always read a manga/dj before I decide if we’ll translate it, so if you’re willing to share the scans of primary target on the risk that we might not scanlate it, please send us an email to [sals dot scans at gmail dot com]!


    I am writing for you in order to ask for permission. I hope you allow us to translate: Caramel Panic – HQ!! KageHina dj (Bubun Hanten) into my language – Vietnamese.
    I guarantee that our translations from yours are non-profit translations for enjoyment purposes only and the Vietnamese translations are just limited only on our Group’s main domain at my wordpress.
    Thank you for your translations and please, reply me soon ❤


    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest! We don’t mind as long as you include our credits page c: if you need the raws, send us an email! (You can find it on our recruiting page!)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I posted this in the wrong section previously, but I just want to say again how excited I am about Mother’s Spirit! You guys have an exciting future projects list with a ton of great titles and I’m looking forward to many of them. Keep up the great work and many thanks for all your hard work!


  10. Omg, you have Dancing Colors in your plans! *u*
    I was looking for a translator for this since what feels like forever and now I found that somebody already is planning to do this and I’m do fricking happy ❤ Love you, guys, hope you work hard 😀
    …this comment is so messy, sorry, ugh :c


  11. I am eternally grateful for all your scanlations ;A; I was wondering if you guys are gonna scanlate Minori no Te? Fujoshibitches dropped it!


    1. Sorry, we don’t plan to for now! The first 3 or so chapters are scanlated on one of our raw providers’ tumblr, and in case you’re interested in buying it, it’s available on the english renta papy website!


  12. omg guys like you’re now myy angels, your upcoming list is just so yummyy omg omg, i’m a big Scarlet beriko’s fan and 5-nin no Ou? add usagi otoko tora otoko to that ………… faints
    love you guys really love you


  13. Hello Salsscans,
    I write this comment to ask for permission. Please you allow me translate Jackass! – Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo into Vietnamese =)
    My translations from yours is non-profit translations, I’ll write credit clearly.
    Please you permit and reply me soon! Thank you!


  14. hii sorry to bother you, did you by any chance will translate Joou to Shitateya by Scarlet Beriko in the future? thanks 🙂


  15. thank for going to translate Tadaima, Okaeri!!!! and most of all, thank for all you guys did so far!! hugs and kisses!!


  16. I’m just wondering when are you gonna release Tadaima Okaeri by Ichikawa Ichi. I’ve been waiting for months just for this. I really love this manga and I would like to read it as soon as I can. Thanks


  17. Hello,
    Would it be possible to translate “Joou to Shitateya” from Scarlet Beriko? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find it translated.
    Thank you!


  18. Hello, I love your works and am always looking forward to when updates come! I have a question, though > ~ <. I wanted to know, because I found out from a Facebook page, where there are 2 chapters of the 2nd volume of 'Mother's Spirit', if you guys are going to translate those as well since it is marked here in the completed project or if it's different because it was a collaboration. Or if you know anything about it. Thank you for all the hard work!


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